How to find your perfect match: Part 2

We have already looked at the major factors in Part 1 which influence people’s decisions. We will now take a deeper look at some of the more nuanced variances in services and how they can affect your experience. TopTenIrishDatingSites has the following to offer up to you, the almighty and powerful consumer.

Long Term Relationship vs. Casual dating

Deciding which type of relationship you are looking for is a key element in deciding which dating site you should sign up to. Are you searching for a fulfilling relationship or some casual company?

Some sites have a focus on long term and lasting partnerships, where the goal is stability and maybe even marriage. These sites focus mainly on matchmaking tactics to find you the closest personality fit. These sites attract an equal proportion of male and female users and the quality of which are usually quite high. If you are searching for something a little bit more disposable and short term, there are many sites which offer more intimate, short term solutions. There is a massive variety of options available to you, from socially based, one night dates all the way to one night stands! Be sure to thoroughly check out what you are getting yourself in for with this before committing.

We would advise caution, as these sites forgo the usual “getting to know each other” stage, and instead fast track you straight to the meeting up part of the deal. For more information on staying safe while dating online, check out ELITESINGLES excellent article on “Staying Safe”The casual dating sites usually attract a higher percentage of male users, so finding an actual match can be tough…or so I’ve heard…

Niche sites Vs. Broad sites

Unlike all the other decisions we have looked at, this one does not break so clean when analysed. For example, a site catering to one night stands could be viewed by some as a niche market; where as a Christian dating site could be viewed by others as being broader in scope. It all depends on you as an individual. If you have a disability, a particular fetish, a strict religion or even just red hair, are you looking to expand your horizons or remain in your allegorical pond?

Niche sites allow you to focus in on what attracts you and offers you a range of choices within that specialization. The volume on these sites still pales in comparison to the larger super sites such as be2.ie.

If something really specific will make or break a relationship for you and you can find a site specific enough to cater to that need, then you’re certain to find niche sites useful.

If however you don’t mind whether or not your partner is a redheaded fireman with a doctorates degree, then the more general sites will suite you just fine.

One last note on the niche sites, they very often have memberships open internationally, for reasons of volume, limiting it to just one country would not offer enough choice to customers, so don’t be surprised if you end up making plans to meet up with someone from Sofia, Bulgaria while you are making a cup of tea in Bantry Co. Cork.

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