How to find your perfect match: Part 1

With so many different services on offer, choosing the right Irish dating site can be difficult. From the extremely specific niche providers such as muddymatches and dateginger.org (catering to farmers and redheads respectively) all the way up to the super dating-sites like be2.ie and match.ie, it’s not surprising that most of us are paralyzed by the choices available to us. Our aim is to help you as much as possible in making the right decision for YOU.

When choosing a service it is important to consider the following questions:

Dating vs Matchmaking

The modern world has given us some truly incredible advances in technology; one of the more underrated ones is the efficiency of algorithms. We all know Google sorts our search results by relevance and about 200 other factors. But did you know that that very same technology is now helping you find your perfect match based on scientific observation and analysis?

Gone are the days of chatting to some aul’wan down the local for a go at the comely lad or lass next door. Welcome to dating in the 21st century. Dating sites such as be2.ie and ELITESINGLES serve you up the most relevant and personally appealing singles based on factors which you deem to be important. If you know what you want and are looking for a shy, hardworking 25 year old GAA player who doesn’t smoke and lives within 30km of Dublin, well that’s perfect, these sites will deliver just that!

The downside is that some people feel this takes the chase out of the game, and for those people that’s a real deal breaker. This is where option number 2 comes into play. Dating websites or personals are like massive social networking sites (match.ie etc.). With thousands of members to choose from, it is up to you to do the detective work and seek out your perfect partner. With more freedom comes more choice. Here the focus is more on playing the field and seeing all of what is on offer, no filters and no algorithms.


• If you know exactly who Mr. or Miss Right is, go with the matchmaking option.

• If you are more adventurous and open minded, Dating sites are for you.

Free Dating vs. Premium



This one is a bit more complicated:

• Free sites often have a premium options.

• Premium sites regularly have free options.

One fact is true across both; if you pay, the usability of the site is greatly increased. A common theme in this industry is to join and create a profile for free, but in order to view pictures or communicate with others you have to cough up money. Now, no one ever said dating was cheap (have you seen the cost of a pair of cinema tickets or a two course meal recently!?), but it is my honest opinion that these sites will save you money in the long run. Let us look deeper at free sites versus pay sites.

Free sites often have a much greater selection of members, for obvious reasons. Alas, with no barriers to joining, the quality of the majority of profiles is often not the greatest. With these types of sites, payment usually leads to greater filtering options to weed out the less desirable and unserious singles. The other side of the coin is to pay to join a premium site. Because payment acts as a barrier to entry, you often get a higher caliber of single. These sites attract only those who are serious about finding love and since they spend money upfront, they go through the effort of filling out their profile to a much higher degree. The down side is the barrier to joining causes less people to sign up. With a limited choice of people on offer, you may feel limited in your daring options. This is never a nice feeling when searching for your perfect partner.


• Free sites generally offer quantity over quality.

• Pay sites generally offer quality over quantity.

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