What to wear on the first date

There it is – the day of the first date! Of course you want to look good and of course you want your date to like how you look. So when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, the most important thing is that you wear something you really feel comfortable in!

Wearing uncomfortable clothes, where you always have to watch out if you might be losing something is a bad idea – you should concentrate on your date and not on the shirt which pinches your neck. Also, you have to consider where you have your first date – if you are going to a restaurant, you shouldn’t wear just jeans and a t-shirt, but maybe rather go for a more fancy kind of style.

Nice, but not over the top

Try not to exaggerate your style, just be natural. Do not give the impression that you just emptied the entire bottle of perfume on yourself, and if you are a woman, do not put on too much make-up! Stick with an outfit you would normally wear for that occasion.

Different occasions, different outfits

If your first date is happening outside, make sure that you will be warm enough. If you are freezing, it is bad for your mood and for the whole atmosphere of the encounter– your date might notice that you are worried about this, and he or she might start to feel uncomfortable as well!

If your first date is in a bar or restaurant, leave your normal everyday-clothes in the closet and put on something a little bit more elegant. It is always a good thing when your date notices that you are having a special occasion and that you dressed up a little for it!

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