What to write in the first message

The content of the first message should be well chosen and should contain an individual note so that you catch the eye of the person you wish to get to know. But of course, you also have to show that he or she is in the center of attention as well.

Show your interest

To get to know and also to get an answer from the other person, you should ask him or her questions. But try not to ask too many random questions – it is better to familiarize yourself with the other person before by checking their profile. Read through his or her hobbies, wishes and principles, check the pictures and try to global impression of his or her personality.

For example if you see that they like a special activity ask for how long the person has been practicing it. At best, you are sharing the same hobbies and you can ask more detailed questions!

Make yourself interesting as well

Being interested in the other person makes you interesting! You could start your message with a quote from the other person’s favourite movie. This will spike his or her curiosity and these messages are more likely to be answered than those which seem to be a template sent to all the profiles.

On the other hand, the other person of course wants to get a picture of you as well, so that he or she knows if it is worth answering. You should tell the other person something about yourself. You can for example tell what kind of activities you like, which music you are into or what kind of books you enjoy reading. But don’t reveal too much in your first message – you still have to remain interesting as well!

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